Factory, plant, site, and facility protection

PATENT always performs this task based on the client's requirements. Over the decades, catering to the evolving needs of clients, we have developed a unique and comprehensive service system that stands out in the security market.

Event Security

Patent places great importance on ensuring the utmost discretion in event security to achieve the highest satisfaction for every client.


Guarding-Security at 21st-century standards

A Patent Manned Guarding ensures the security of sites, plants, warehouses, and factories with state-of-the-art tools. It utilizes self-developed software to assist in logistics and production. Our team consists of trained personnel who speak multiple languages.

Security Software

Patrol system, Portal access, Site monitoring, Card management, Guest/service/warehouse appointment scheduling, Key management, Truck location, Asset inventory, Site optimization, Protocol creation/management.

Money transportation, valuable escort

Escort for money, trucks, and cargoes. Among Patent's clients, you can find both banks and financial institutions, as well as transport and freight companies.