Providing property security

Patent is an exclusively Hungarian owned security company group whose present is devoted to building the future. This is based on the satisfaction of our clients, employees and business owners. These three pillars provide the stability that has enabled us to operate a company that provides quality work, enjoys professional respect and has been profitable for more than 30 years.

Our goal is to grow by implementing continuous research and development, and to ensure the future of our company through a conscious generational transformation.

We focus on prevention. We do our job well when we put our accumulated professional know-how, technical and safeguarding expertise at the service of our Clients in such a way that issues shall not only be mitigated, but also prevented. Serving people’s and their businesses’ complete personal and property security.

Since our foundation, we have been committed to help and support the environment we live and work in, to the greatest extent possible.

Patent Company Group is one of the biggest patrons of sports and culture in its central area, and a prominent supporter of charitable public life.

PATENT company pyramid

Foundation: athletes, police officers and security professionals establish the completely Hungarian owned security company.


In four years, Patent becomes a dominant security company in Győr. Installation of technical equipment and monitoring centers begins.


The number of Patent clients exceeds 800, and the number of cases against assets or persons prevented exceeds 300.


Thanks to the excellent, continuous professional training, Patent's security guards win the round of the international bodyguard competition.


Patent Security is one of the largest asset protection companies in the region.


ISO certification obtained, controlling system implemented, the computerized Client registration launched.


Patent's patrol cars are equipped with state-of-the-art locating equipment.


Patent moves to a new office building, where one of the most modern remote monitoring centers in the region is built.


Patent gets shares in Zavéd Kft. in Zalaegerszeg and in G-Team in Mosonmagyaróvár (later Patent Plusz).


Fifteen-year-old Patent Security takes over the safeguarding of Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.


Winning the Prestige Award in the Entrepreneur of the Year category.


Patent Group integrates LHB Inter Security Kft., our greatest competitor since the foundation of the company, thus providing even better service to the clients of the two companies.


International multinational companies choose Patent Group companies as their safeguarding partner in Győr and the surrounding areas. One of them is the world's largest automobile engine factory.


The company group has over 10,000 clients.


Our remotely monitored clients reach 6,500 in the Győr area alone.


Introduction of software development for the protocol supporting the production of live customers, as well as the construction of a document management system. HABEL.


Company group - Győr, Sopron, Mosonmagyaróvár, Pápa, Zalaegerszeg


Sopron, Mosonmagyaróvár, Pápa, Tét - foundation of intensive remote monitoring development. Almost 14,000 clients at company group level.


The introduction a corporate management system begins.


R&D cooperation with István Széchenyi University.


Implementation of SAP enterprise management system, 15,000 remotely monitored clients.


Patent is celebrating its 30th birthday, tree planting program in 5 cities.


Introduction of myPatent application.


Electric cars in the fleet, extra guarantees for clients, introduction of our in-house Patent Porta software.